Through an Ongoing Series of Analysis, we can make recommendations to balance your soil based on your local conditions, fertility levels, climate, water quality and traffic patterns.


Based on our Ongoing Series of Analysis we help you achieve and maintain healthy productive soils, in turn producing high quality turf.


Irrigation Water Testing and Physical Testing for Construction are just some of the kinds of tests available to help eliminate the guesswork in achieving the highest quality turf.

Soil and Water Consulting
As a member of Brookside’s International Network of professional consultants,
I am able to provide services to a wide range of courses in different parts of the country.
I always have your interests first.

Experience Matters

Why Choose Soil and Water Consulting?

Over 25 Years

Corey Angelo has over 25 years of experience working in the soil and water testing industry and has provided the highest level of customer satisfaction on his turf analysis and recommendations.

Extensive Knowledge

I have built an extensive knowledge from working in many diverse environments around the Country.  I take pride in the work I produce and the results that my customers expect.

A Dedicated Lab

A member of Brookside’s International Network of professional Consultants.  Brookside is a world leader in the sports turf analysis industry.

Personal Attention

I take the time to complete a thorough analysis and can help you through site consultations, educational presentations and many other face to face interactions at your facility.

Our Services

A full range of soil and water consulting services.

  • Site Visits & Sample Collections

  • Standard / Alkaline Soil

  • Disease Recognition & Analysis

  • Saturated Paste

  • Plant Tissue

  • Water Quality Monitoring

  • Water Suitability

  • Physical Analysis

  • Construction & Renovation Consulting

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