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Brookside Laboratories is a world leader in the sports turf analysis industry, and was the first laboratory to receive A2LA Accreditation, which assures that we provide testing methods required by the USGA. In addition, Brookside actively participates in the USGA Green Section proficiency testing program.

As a member of Brookside’s International Network of professional consultants, I am able to provide services to a wide range of courses in different parts of the country. I always have your interests first. Through an Ongoing Series of Analysis, I am able to make recommendations to balance your soil based on your local conditions, fertility levels, climate, water quality and traffic patterns. Achieving and maintaining healthy productive soils, in turn produces high quality turf.

As Amplify members, we are passionate about helping our clients get the best results. What’s more, we’re supported by a community of fellow consultants and a lab that delivers excellence every time. As Amplify consultants, we freely share our knowledge and experience with each other, while we remain independent business owners. Amplify’s extensive training and education equip us to succeed as skilled agronomists in order to best serve our clients.

Why Brookside Labs?

laboratory testingBrookside Laboratories stands at the leading edge of technology for high-quality, cost effective and accurate soil testing and analytical services.


Brookside Laboratories started with modest beginnings in 1951 and has grown to support a network of consultants worldwide.


Brookside Laboratories today participates in University and Government research projects as well as maintaining certifications and proficiencies with many state, federal and independent agencies. Brookside grants unlimited access to its consultants and was the first laboratory to be accredited with the A2LA/USGA for testing putting green construction materials.


Brookside Turfgrass Soil Specialists are trained through an extensive system set up by the late Dr. William Albrecht, once head of the Soil Science department at the University of Missouri. Dedicated ongoing education and professional development help your consultant meet the cutting edge and stay there.

Consulting Services

As a Brookside Consultant, I can help you through site consultations, educational presentations and many other face-to-face interactions at your facility. With over 30 years of experience, extensive knowledge working in different environments around the country and a dedicated Lab, I take pride in the fact that I have the time and the ability to work on your tough problems. Because I am independent I have YOU in first place.

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