What’s New

I am just getting back from a family vacation. It was a fun time for my daughter at a new indoor water park in the Poconos. If you have kids, you understand that it isn’t what you would call “restful”. I am ready for the upcoming Spring months though! I use the winter to prepare and plan for the busy time when I am not writing reports. This was a good Winter for me with some education, a trip to the GIS and Laboratory and organizing business things.

I am off to LAX on Sunday and will be the week between, LA, Bakersfield and Tucson. I am looking forward to seeing some courses coming out of dormancy and starting the Spring Green-up.

On the east coast, I suppose it will still be awhile for all that. I registered soil temperatures at 30 degrees at 4″ deep about a week ago. So, still some time there…..

I was very disappointed to get trapped in NJ and that I couldn’t make it out to the meeting in Henderson, NV. I was able to Skype in and I hope that the speakers were helpful to all that attended.

The Research project is over and we just have to get all the good information up on the SNGCSA website.

I am sitting in the Newark airport waiting to fly to Dayton. I will be making my yearly visit to Brookside Laboratories tomorrow morning. I am planning on spending most my time in the environmental lab. I will be working with the head of that lab on developing a package that will best suit clients that have waters running through the property starting somewhere else. It is easy for us to get the blame for “run-off” and things like that coming from the course but sometimes it doesn’t start there and we need data to help us out.

It should be a very cold couple of days but informative!

Happy New Year everyone! I am excited for a bust 2016 and to see how things go on your properties. I am already mostly booked through March which is a great start for me. My first travel takes me to New Bremen, Ohio and Brookside Laboratories. I am going to spend the 11th-13th of January there and brush up on some testing I should be introducing to you on the environmental side of things. I just read through this article (link below) on what the government did when passing the recent Omnibus bill. Not light but enjoy…..


Part 2 of a Water usage and Environmental Study out from the USGA and GCSAA. It’s long but has some interesting information. The overall number showing a decrease in golf courses using water is a little misleading due to many hundred course closures since 2005. It still puts some practices you may do in a good light.


I am on my way to Las Vegas for a day of work on  a new project. Then off to SoCal until Monday. The NJ Turfgrass show starts on Tuesday where I will have a booth at the Borgata Hotel in Atlantic City. I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving