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Part 2 of a Water usage and Environmental Study out from the USGA and GCSAA. It’s long but has some interesting information. The overall number showing a decrease in golf courses using water is a little misleading due to many hundred course closures since 2005. It still puts some practices you may do in a good light.


I am on my way to Las Vegas for a day of work on  a new project. Then off to SoCal until Monday. The NJ Turfgrass show starts on Tuesday where I will have a booth at the Borgata Hotel in Atlantic City. I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving

Bunker Rake PlacementI thought this was a great way to solve the bunker rake placement problem. It takes some effort but what a waste of a golfer complaint to hear them say “There weren’t enough rakes out there!” when what they really mean is that they were all on one side of the bunker. It was also very enjoyable as a player to be able to get to a rake when I needed it. (and I needed several on this day)

I am off to the Brookside Labs Summer Conference on Sunday afternoon. It is in Lake Geneva, WI. I get to do a talk on the Core samples we do on the greens and it should be a good three days. It will be nice to leave the humidity of New Jersey for a while and go someplace I haven’t been before.

As the irrigation water issue continues to be in the headlines, I found an article that might be some extremes but it shows what’s going on….


Last weekend most of us got a big rain. I collected rain water samples as I do every so often. One was in a metal pot and one was in a rubber mixing bowl. I had recently been told by someone much smarter than me, that rain water was very similar everywhere in the US. I have collected rain water in many areas for over 10 years and don’t find that to be true. he thought that my differences in pH from town to town could be of the objects I collected the sample in. So, I was just playing around to see. Not super scientific but this does show you what you got from the big “irrigation event” Saturday into Sunday.


Rain Water in the NE from 6-28-15