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I am off to the Brookside Labs Summer Conference on Sunday afternoon. It is in Lake Geneva, WI. I get to do a talk on the Core samples we do on the greens and it should be a good three days. It will be nice to leave the humidity of New Jersey for a while and go someplace I haven’t been before.

As the irrigation water issue continues to be in the headlines, I found an article that might be some extremes but it shows what’s going on….


Last weekend most of us got a big rain. I collected rain water samples as I do every so often. One was in a metal pot and one was in a rubber mixing bowl. I had recently been told by someone much smarter than me, that rain water was very similar everywhere in the US. I have collected rain water in many areas for over 10 years and don’t find that to be true. he thought that my differences in pH from town to town could be of the objects I collected the sample in. So, I was just playing around to see. Not super scientific but this does show you what you got from the big “irrigation event” Saturday into Sunday.


Rain Water in the NE from 6-28-15

On the road again! I am in SoCal for this week seeing nice weather and good clients. Spent the day today with a sand supplier looking at some options for fairway topdressing for the area. I am in Aliso Viejo tonight and Bakersfield tomorrow night. I can’t wait to see some good grass in the next few days….

I am just starting to get around and see courses in the NJ area. Soil temperatures are still fluctuating between 50 and 55 degrees even though the air temperatures and the sunny days make things seem nicer. It is still a little cool for grass growing here in the NJ area. I have seen very little winter damage on greens at my clients. I have heard some horror stories and I wish those guys good and quick healing. There are ways to speed things up but it takes the commitment of the club to bite the bullet and take the area out of play for a while. I look forward to seeing you soon!

This year we have been busy upgrading or getting new equipment to keep the laboratory optimized. We recently added 2 more one of a kind, state of art, pH robots, which now brings us to 4 in the soils lab. These are the only pH robots like this in the world. We added more bench space in the instrument room and added a new top of the line N analyzer which allows the Ag lab to more quickly analyze many types of samples for total N. We now have 6 N analyzers we keep very busy. We have already upgraded several of our flow injection analyzers (FIA) to the 2015 latest models. And will soon have all 8 of our analyzers up-graded to the latest most accurate in the industry. Brookside is the first lab to have these new instruments. These analyzers are used to determine Bray I, Bray II, Olsen phosphorus, NO3 and NH4 and Chloride in our lab. Along with all these instruments we are upgrading many of the computers throughout the labs, which are needed to run the newer equipment. We have also replaced and upgraded our customized sample holders for the organic and pH robots which was a significant project.