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I am sitting in the Newark airport waiting to fly to Dayton. I will be making my yearly visit to Brookside Laboratories tomorrow morning. I am planning on spending most my time in the environmental lab. I will be working with the head of that lab on developing a package that will best suit clients that have waters running through the property starting somewhere else. It is easy for us to get the blame for “run-off” and things like that coming from the course but sometimes it doesn’t start there and we need data to help us out.

It should be a very cold couple of days but informative!

Happy New Year everyone! I am excited for a bust 2016 and to see how things go on your properties. I am already mostly booked through March which is a great start for me. My first travel takes me to New Bremen, Ohio and Brookside Laboratories. I am going to spend the 11th-13th of January there and brush up on some testing I should be introducing to you on the environmental side of things. I just read through this article (link below) on what the government did when passing the recent Omnibus bill. Not light but enjoy…..


Part 2 of a Water usage and Environmental Study out from the USGA and GCSAA. It’s long but has some interesting information. The overall number showing a decrease in golf courses using water is a little misleading due to many hundred course closures since 2005. It still puts some practices you may do in a good light.


I am on my way to Las Vegas for a day of work on  a new project. Then off to SoCal until Monday. The NJ Turfgrass show starts on Tuesday where I will have a booth at the Borgata Hotel in Atlantic City. I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving

Bunker Rake PlacementI thought this was a great way to solve the bunker rake placement problem. It takes some effort but what a waste of a golfer complaint to hear them say “There weren’t enough rakes out there!” when what they really mean is that they were all on one side of the bunker. It was also very enjoyable as a player to be able to get to a rake when I needed it. (and I needed several on this day)